Tractor and Landscaping equipment is available for hire, either SELF DRIVE or With Operator. Tractors and impliments can be hired seperately. 

Our equipment includes: 

  • For Construction: 
    • Rotovators
    • Harrows
    • Tipple K cultivators
    • Ploughs
    • Rippers
    • Stone Rakes
    • Stone forks
    • Stone Buriers
    • Rollers
    • Seed Boxes
    • Fertilizer Spreaders

  • For Maintenance
    • Grass Cutters
    • Roller mowers
    • Toppers
    • Hedge Cutter / Flail Mowers
    • Saw Blades
    • Turners


If you require an Item that is not listed please contact us and we will endeavour to facilitate you. 


We also carry out Landscape construction and maintenance contracts.